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Hurricane Lee Briefing, please read!

Hello all,

I have attached the most recent update from the Hancock County Emergency Management Agency, which we will be adding to school webpages in short order. It looks like the storm is expected to track further east than previously estimated, although we are still expecting very high winds (which may result in downed trees, closed roads, and some power/internet outages). 

All activities at school are cancelled for the weekend. We are recommending that folks take appropriate steps to stay safe at home: staying inside, stocking up on food and water, charging batteries, etc. I have been in touch with Jim Fischer and Kathleen Billings at their respective town offices to let them know that the CSD schools will be responsive to community needs depending on how the storm unfolds. The same holds true for the communities of Brooklin and Sedgwick.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Kind regards,

Dan Ross