CSD Future of Our Schools Committee



● The purpose of this committee is to develop, analyze, evaluate all possible options for school structure and to make recommendations to the School Board and community on the best options for our school system to provide maximum support for all K-12 students.

● Identify ways to provide the best education possible for our students in an economical, cost-conscious way.

● Options must align our programs and resources with our district’s mission, vision and strategic plan goals.

● Factors to be considered in reviewing how our school programming is currently structured and whether it’s sustainable:

o Declining student population

o Declining year-round population

o High per student costs

o Reduced student learning options at DISHS

o Reduced student learning results (testing etc.)

o The substantial investment needed to revamp the high school building as well as resources needed to appropriated maintain DISES

● The committee is to create a report that contains at least 2 and no more than 3 options which clearly outline/describe viable school structures, with associated pros and cons and costs for each included for community review. The report will contain a summary of all research completed by the committee and associated findings.

● Deadline for submission of report to School Board: December 4, 2018


Bobbi Billings (Community Member) babillings@myfairpoint.net

Kathleen Billings (Stonington Town Manager)


Dennis Duquette (HS Principal) dduquette@dishs.org

Chris Elkington (Superintendent) celkington@su76.org

Jim Fisher (Deer Isle Town Manager) deerislemanager@gmail.com

Skip Greenlaw (School Board) sgreenlaw@su76.org

Kim Hutchinson (Parent) mmme@myfairpoint.net

Tracie Morey (Parent) btkamorey@gmail.com

Jane Osborne (School Board) josborne@su76.org

Mary Penfold (Teacher, Parent) mpenfold@dishs.org

Terry Siebert (Teacher) tsiebert@dishs.org

David Witham (Construction Management Consultant) adavidwitham@gmail.com

Lynne Witham (Head of School) lwitham@dishs.org



Kathleen Billings, Skip Greenlaw, Dave Pelletier, Terry Siebert, David Witham, Lynne Witham


Bobbi Billings, Kim Hutchinson, Jim Fisher, Jane Osborne

School Structure

Kathleen Billings, Skip Greenlaw, Tracie Morey, Jane Osborne, Mary Penfold, Terry Siebert, Lynne Witham


PUBLIC MEETINGS to discuss The Future of Our Schools

Wednesday, July 25

Wednesday, August 29

Wednesday, October 3

Wednesday, November 7

All meetings will be at 6:00 pm in the high school.

Come to one meeting, come to all!

Provide input, ask questions, get questions answered and help the committee make informed, educated recommendations for our community and our students.


Committee meeting dates: July 18, August 1, September 5, October 10 and November 14. Meetings will be at 5:30 p.m. at the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries (13 Atlantic Avenue, Stonington) conference room. All meetings are open to the public.