Dr. Buckingham

Post date: Mar 15, 2017 2:50:23 PM

Superintendent’s Memo

To: Sedgwick Parents & Guardians

From: Christian M. Elkington

Re: Sedgwick Principal Search and Hiring Committee

Date: 1-31-17

As you know we will be saying good bye to Dr. Buckingham at the end of this school year as he retires after three decades of service to the students and community. In order to collect feedback on those qualities you want to see in our next principal the school board and I have held meetings with parents/guardians along with staff to understand those qualities you want to see in our school’s next leader. Thanks goes to those who participated.

The feedback received in our meetings assisted us with our process. An important part of this

process is the interview committee and its role. Knowing that too large a committee can be

unwieldy and that too few would not be transparent the board looked at how it could fairly create a representative group of concerned individuals. Realizing that many parents & guardians might want to serve we looked at how we could include people who are not only parents/guardians, but ones who are more involved in the daily life of our school. At our last regular board meeting the school board finalized the Sedgwick Principal Hiring Committee and it is as follows:

- The Sedgwick School Board

- The leader of the PTF

- One parent/guardian member of the School Improvement Team

- Two teachers (one from Pre-k - 5 and one from grades 6-8)

- Two support staff members (Admin Assistant and one other support staff member)

- The superintendent.

The role of this committee will be to:

- Be part of the application review process and help choose candidates to interview (3-5)

- Be part of the first round of interviews taking place on March 17 & 18

- Help determine finalist(s) for board and superintendent to complete the final interview(s).

The timeline for the above has been adjusted and is now as follows:

- Applications are due on Feb 24

- Special Board Meeting to screen applicants Feb 28 (5:00 PM)

- Round 1 interviews to take place on March 17 (12-5:00?) & 18 (8:30 - ???)

- Final interviews the week of 3/20.

I appreciate everyone’s concern in our finding the best leader for Sedgwick Elementary School.

This committee will do its best to find the leader who will continue the traditions we expect!

Letter to Parents and Guardians Regarding Dr. Buckingham's Retiring